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Maximize Crowdfunding Success

Now that you've launched, there are things that you need to do every day in order to make your campaign a success.

Have you posted in social media today?

What new group of people could you advertise to that would be interested in your business? If you skipped the planning step of creating a social media strategy, you are missing out on your biggest opportunity to get your company in front of other people. Catch up today with this article on How to Build a Basic Crowdfunding Social Media Strategy.

Have you replied to comments on your campaign page?

This is something that some platforms take into account when they give you a “score.” This number increases your visibility on their site.

Have you posted an update on your campaign page?

Post frequent updates during your campaign on your campaign page and link to them on social media. Your backers want to know how things are going, and when they are excited, they are more likely to share your story with friends. If you are behind in reaching your goal, don’t be afraid to make an appeal.

Would you like to double your crowdfunding dollars?

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