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After Your Campaign: It's Not Over Yet

Maybe your campaign was funded, or maybe you didn’t reach your goal. Don’t worry! Your time has not been wasted. No matter the outcome, you are now privy to a gold-mine of information that will benefit your business. There are a few tasks that you must do when your campaign has ended:

Stay in touch.

  • Send thank-you letters to all of your backers and maintain contact with them.
  • If your campaign was funded, send frequent updates as to your progress. If your timeline changes for some reason, your backers will be more understanding if you have kept them in the loop along the way.
  • If your campaign was not funded, you now have a list of people who have shown that they believe in your business. Consider sending an appeal for feedback so that you can make improvements to your idea before your next campaign. The more they feel “part of the team,” the more likely that they will be your first contributors to your next campaign.

Consider all feedback.

  • Make sure to document all of your feedback and take all comments into consideration.
  • If you did not reach your goal, you will have valuable information to help you take the next step. Maybe your problem to solve wasn’t big or compelling enough. Maybe your business did not offer a solution that the public thought would work. Listen and adjust, then run another campaign.
  • If you did reach your goal, you may have had suggestions for improving your idea. Take these into careful consideration. Product enhancements may add tremendous value to your product, but they may also slow down your timeline. Be honest about what is feasible and don’t bite off more than you can chew. You might need to roll out improvements in later phases.

Plan ahead.

Now that you are funded and on your way, you will inevitably run into bugs and problems that you didn’t expect. Make sure you have a plan in place if your timeline is delayed. And if you are sending a product that requires customer service, make sure that you have a team in place and ready to go before you start distributing your product.

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