MACED Financing Solutions

MACED lends to businesses, nonprofits and public agencies.
We specialize in working with enterprises that create jobs, diversify local economies
or provide critical community services in Central Appalachia.


Rates, Terms and Collateral

Interest rates are based on the current prime rate and are priced depending upon risk assessment. Terms range from one to 20 years, depending on use of proceeds. Loans are collateralized and usually require personal guarantees and/or key person insurance.

Borrower Qualifications

A basic business plan is required for most loan products. Successful borrowers will demonstrate:

  • ability to repay loan;
  • sufficient collateral and/or net worth;
  • a sufficient initial investment;
  • management and business experience; and
  • ability to meet our social, economic and environmental impact criteria

MACED Microloan programs are funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration