Have a Business Idea?

Kauffman FastTrac® is an immersive course designed to provide information, tips, exercises and tools to help you think about your business idea. Get started on launching your company today.

MACED Adds Value to Your FastTrac Experience

MACED has been a FastTrac® Affiliate for 12 years and has now added group coaching services and access to capital as part of the new FastTrac program.

New blended “flip-class” format

  • In a “flip-class” model, participants complete assigned FastTrac on-line course materials, tools and videos before the live discussion meetings.
  • The live discussion meetings will include expert speakers, group discussions and coaching. Most meetings will be conducted online with only a small number of face-to-face sessions.
  • Now you can “attend class” from anywhere you have internet or a phone connection. No more driving late nights to a class!

Additional business coaching provided by MACED

  • MACED is excited to offer free access to trained Coaches who will help you develop your ideas into action and get the most from the FastTrac classes.
  • Coaches will be available for one-on-one sessions via teleconference throughout the course.

Access to special financing from MACED

  • Upon graduation you’ll be eligible for a MACED micro-loan at a special rate and terms to help you launch your idea right away.

In FastTrac, you'll work to:

  • Discover how your business concept matches your personal vision.
  • Align your business concept with a real market opportunity.
  • Learn how to set realistic financial goals for your business.
  • Determine the unique features and benefits of your product or service.
  • Find your target market and discover your competitive advantage.
  • Define your company’s brand and marketing.
  • Learn how to manage business functions and develop an organizational culture.
  • Determine the steps to profitability.
  • Identify potential sources of funding for your business.
  • Launch your business.

  • See full course overview here


What is Kauffman FastTrac®?

FastTrac is a practical, hands-on business development program designed to help entrepreneurs hone the skills needed to create, manage and grow a successful business. FastTrac participants don't just learn about business, they live it. They work on their own business ideas or ventures throughout the course - moving their ventures to reality or new levels of growth.